Pina Magri

soprano concert artist and songwriter

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"...Pina Magri deserves special Italian-American of uncommon talent as operatic soprano, soft-rock and musical theatre singer. She completed her diploma in Voice at the Conservatory of 'Santa Cecilia' in Rome, Italy and pursued further studies in vocal technique in Salzburg and New York City, renowned centers in their respective branches of musical achievment."
Enrico Giacovelli  La Gazzetta del Piemonte
Credits as solo soprano in film scores by Maestro Ennio Morricone:
film starring Omar Shariff, Eliot Gould and Carol Alt
Hamlet directed by Franco Zeffirelli
film starring Mel Gibson, Glenn Close and Alan Bates
Pina Magri is also the original solo soprano voice in the soundtrack of the cult movie Phenomena (Creepers) by director Dario Argento.
Original music: CD "Guarda le mie mani" Pina's original music
Italian artists for Africa with Claudia Koll, contains the original song "Nell'Anima" written and sung by Pina Magri. Three hundred thousand copies made in Italy with the magazine Famiglia Cristiana. Listen to her original text and musical elaboration of Bach's Air for the G String.